Creating Security Roles

Security roles control user access privileges to different apps and features.  Unique roles may be configured for each project, and users may be granted different roles on each project they are assigned.

To add a role to a project, click on the Settings tab and then select All Projects in the Navigation Pane.  In the Content Pane, the list of projects will be displayed.  Click on a project, and then select the Role tab   in the Properties Pane, as displayed below.


Add Role 


First, create a name for the role, and then choose the apps to which the role will have access privileges. Finally, add the privileges required from the five different types available:

  • Read - the rights to view information
  • Create - the rights to create new items in an app, such as a new requirement, defect, task, etc.,
  • Update - the rights to edit existing information
  • Delete - the rights to delete information
  • Folders - the rights to create, edit, delete and organize folders.

As privileges are being added for an app, they are displayed under the Role Privileges link.  To edit an existing privileges, simply click on the edit icon in the app you wish to edit.


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