Overview - Custom Fields

Custom fields may be added to any of the Workspace apps.  You can add picklists, text boxes, multi-select picklists, checkboxes, and much more.  Once fields are created you can arrange them in any order you choose, configure them as "Required" or "Not Required," and if you are not using a field you can "Hide" it from view, or later change it to "Show" the field.

Fields may be configured as either "Global" (all projects) or "Project" (single project) fields.  Fields are specific to individual Workspace apps, although for picklist and multi-picklists, fields in different apps may share the same values.  

Fields Legend 

  • Checkbox -  
  • Date -  
  • Email -  
  • Global Field -  
  • Hide Field -  
  • Multi-Select Picklist -  
  • Not Required -  
  • Number -  
  • Percent -  
  • Phone -  
  • Picklist -  
  • Project Field -  
  • Required Field -  
  • Rich Text -  
  • Show Field -  
  • Text -  



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