Create New Custom Fields

To create a Workspace field, navigate to Settings/Projects, select a project and then click the Custom Fields tab   in the Property Pane.

To configure a new field, click Add Field   and then choose the App Type and the Scope of the field.  A field's Scope is either a Global Field   (field across all projects) or, more typically, a Project Field,   a field for only the selected project.


Custom Field


Once an App Type and Scope is selected, the next step is to select a Field Type and to configure the field's parameters.

Custom Field

  • Field Type - the type of field to be configured
  • Field Name - the display name of the field
  • API Name - the database name of the field
  • Required - whether the field is required
  • Hide - whether the field will be displayed or hidden
  • Default Value - a value assigned to the field automatically
  • Max Length - the maximum length of a number, text or rich text field
  • Decimal Places - the number of decimal places to the right of the decimal point for number fields
  • Picklist Values - the custom values set for a picklist or multi-select picklist

Custom Field

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