How To Import Data

Workspace supports importing tables from Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or Word (.docx) and project plans in .mpp format.  Data may be imported into any of the Workspace apps, however, the Plans app only imports .mpp files and the other apps only import tables from Excel or Word files.

To import data, select an app and project and then navigate to the Properties Pane, Import Tab  .  Select the document to be imported from its location, and then choose the table to be imported from the document being uploaded.

The Enforce Required Fields option requires that any existing Workspace required fields be mapped to a value from the imported data.  If this options selected and no value is mapped to a Workspace required field, the import process will fail.  Choose the No option if a Workspace required field is not required to have a value set during the import process.


Enforce Required Fields 

The next step in the import process is to map specific fields and values in the data being imported, to Workspace fields and data.  Under Map Columns each field from the imported table is listed as shown below.

Map Fields

 The  Do Not Import icon is displayed by default.  To map a field listed, simply click on the field and choose an option from the Map to Workspace Field dropdown.

Choose Fields

Once a field is selected, then map the values from the imported data to the Workspace values.  Once the mapping of all the fields is completed, click the Save button.

Map Values


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