Using The Rich Text Editor


Workspace items include fields that utilize rich text.  Rich text fields support a variety of formatting options.  You may style text, insert tables, images and hyperlinks, use bullets and numbers, and much more.  Rich text fields may be viewed in either the Table View or Document View.  

To view the rich text field(s) from a table, click on the "Expand" icon or press the space bar and the row will expand to reveal all rich text fields configured for the Workspace item. To edit a rich text field, click the edit icon  or click in the field you want to edit.  This will activate the editor's formatting toolbar. 

You may then edit the content in the displayed rich text fields, and click Save   when completed.  Once the edits are saved, the editor toolbar will no longer be available, and you may then click on the "Contract" icon    to return to the original table list view.

You may also edit rich text files in the Fields Tab of the Properties Pane   .  Simply click on a rich text field and the formatting toolbar is displayed.   When edits are completed, click the Save button at the bottom of the Fields Tab.


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